The Can

Shocking and Discoveries

Eden is taken on a tour of the Can’s lab section, one of the largest spaces in the research station, and composed of four cargo containers welded together and broken out internally into numerous glowing, sparking experiments. Jia and Kodak were both involved in the tour, with the Technical Chief inviting Eden into an electrifying test run of a blue crystal power discharge that unleashed a dangerous gout of electricity. Eden was not amused, and Jia was just as prickly in return.

The better to cool matters off, Mole took it on himself to give Eden a tour of of the outer reaches of the Boneyard. After bundling up tight, he took her out of the confines of the Can and into the tunnel that had been cut up into the main bulk of the Boneyard. The initial room was known as the Antechamber, a huge circular room dominated by a vast staircase running up its western side. While there, Eden noticed a subtle but potent psychic aura of repulsion encouraging her to leave; it appeared to be emanating from the north, by a narrow passageway that seemed to lead north out of the Antechamber. A brief psychic scan, carefully light and receptive, gave the impression of a mind flashing with strange images of lush greenery, the feel of fur, and an overwhelming sense of terror. She said nothing of this to Mole, who appeared oblivious to the repulsion.

Mole then led her up the stairs to the Memorial Garden, where strange obelisks of white, stony matter jutted up from a vast flat chamber. The repulsion seemed strong here as well, from the same northerly direction. Eden dared a deeper press of contact in an attempt to communicate with this alien mind, but was almost overwhelmed by its terror and psychic urge for her to leave the place. The mind seemed frozen in an instant of perpetual dread and revulsion, images of stone weaponry and sunlight filling its head in fragments that made no obvious sense.

And there we left our heroine….

Arrival at the Can

Eden arrives at the Can after a lengthy sub trip south from the East Coast. She’s met at the underground dock by Church, Jia, and Joshua. Light conversation follows as they escort her into the Can, where she makes the acquaintance of Elena and the existence of a small but fully-functional McDonalds installed to give a touch of home to the place. Church informs her that her first shift there will be on the schedule soon, as even Ops have to take a turn flipping burgers now and then.


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