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  • Elena

    Julliard-trained cellist and head of the Can's recreation division. Slender, extravagantly beautiful young Hispanic woman.

  • Church

    A big, bluff man with a missing leg, Church is the Director of the Can and the Voice of God as far as its denizens are concerned. Only Joshua can gainsay him, and only in matters relevant to the Can's security.

  • Joshua

    Tall, slim, dark-skinned and green-eyed, Joshua is the chief of security for the Can. A friendly man, his relationship with the other agents in the Can is more relaxed than in some other stations. There's little concern about normals discovering the Can, …

  • Jia

    Chief of the Technical Division of the Can and an arrant fashionista. Jia appears to be even more indifferent to experimental risk than is usual among geeks. She's managed to get on Eden's bad side by getting her a little too close to a blue crystal …

  • Kodak

    A young, red-haired linguist, Kodak is notorious for her love of videography- even in the more awkward or inappropriate places. She's presently engaged in trying to decipher the cryptic markings found in the Boneyard, hopefully discerning the meaning …

  • Mole

    The chief demolitions man in the Can, Mole's a broad, friendly man with short-clipped black hair and pale olive skin. He's missing the little and ring fingers on his left hand.

  • Casper

    Chief of the Can's intelligence department- and its only Agent member. The information here appears to be much more suitable for archaeologists and technicians than spooks, but he makes the best of it. As yet unmet by Eden.

  • Michael

    A technical operative and head of the Can's communication system. He keeps the tightbeam buoys and other dispersed communications links up that allow for contact with the outside world. As yet unmet by Eden.

  • Doc

    Science Op and head of the Can's medical services. Prone to severe distraction by the strangest things, but still quite reliable in medical matters- so far. Also serves as the Can's psychiatric head, in consultation with Elena and the Recreation …

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